Logic Puzzle Solution: Birds-o-Plenty

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By clue 5 you can determine the five birds are Echo, the one who lovers bungees, the one owned by Deb, the Amazon and the one owned by Mary. Peco, whose mom is Nela and who isn't the Amazon (clue 4) must be the bird who loves bungees. Janet who owns the Caique (clue 2) must be Echo's mom. Deb is the proud new mom to the bird who loves music toys (clue 6). The Parrotlet that loves his swing (clue 1) must have Mary for a mom. Josie who loves the treat cage (clue 3) must be the Amazon. Zeeker who is an African Grey (clue 7) must be the bird owned by Deb. Therefore, by elimination, Josie's mom is Sue, Echo's favorite toy is the Woodpile and the Parrotlet is named Peanut.

In summary:

Bird  Echo  Peco  Zeeker  Josie  Peanut
Owner  Janet  Nela  Deb   Sue  Mary
Species  Caique  Macaw  African Grey  Amazon  Parrotlet
Favorite Toy  Woodpile  Bungee  Music Toy  Treat Cage  Swing










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