Logic Puzzle Solution: Parrot Talent Contest

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  • The basketball playing bird came in 4th (clue 2).
  • The 2nd place winner didn't roller skate or disco dance (clue 5); he sang opera.
  • The 3rd place winner didn't roller skate (clue 1) so he danced and the 1st place winner was the roller skater.
  • John doesn't own Buzzsaw (clue 7) Buzzsaw lives with a male (clue 6) so Walter owns Buzzsaw.
  • Mickey didn't own Poquito or Skye (clue 4), so Mickey owns Cracker.
  • The roller skater wasn't Diana's bird (clue 1), Walter's bird (clue 2), Cracker (clue 3)who is Mickey's bird, so the roller skating bird was owned by John.
  • John doesn't own Skye (clue 2) so Diana is Skye's mom and John is Poquito's mom.
  • Neither Diana's bird Skye nor Walter's bird played basketball (clue 2) so Mickey's bird did.
  • Diana's bird didn't place 3rd (clue 1) so her bird was the opera singer who placed 2nd.

In summary: 

Owner Bird Talent Prize
John Poquito Roller Skating 1st
Dianan Skye Opera 2nd
Walter Buzzsaw Dancing 3rd
Mickey Cracker Basketball 4th




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