Logic Puzzle Solution: The Parrot Olympics

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  • The female owners of the African Grey and the Quaker don't include Miss Barker (Clue 4).
  • The owner of the Quaker isn't Ms. Evans (Clue 1) so must be Mrs. Jones, and Ms. Evans weight lifting bird is an African Grey.
  • Ms. Barker is from Australia (Clue 4).
  • The cockatoo who is from Japan isn't Mr. Halls (Clue 2), so he must be Mr. Smith's bird.
  • Mr. Hall doesn't own a Pionus (Clue 2) so he must own the Caique who competed in the high jump (Clue 3).
  • Ms. Barker owns the Pionus.
  • The gymnast is from Russia (Clue 3) and belongs (by elimination) to Mrs. Jones.
  • The cross country runner isn't the Pionus (Clue 5), so he must be the Cockatoo.
  • The Pionus is the boxer.
  • The Caique is from the UK (Clue 5) and the African Grey is from the USA.
Owner Species Country Event
Miss Barker Pionus Australia Boxing
Ms. Evans African Grey USA Weight Lifting
Mrs. Jones Quaker Russia Gymnastics
Mr. Hall Caique UK High Jump
Mr. Smith Cockatoo Japan Cross Country





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