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Safe Plants for Parrots

Plants can certainly liven up your home and your bird's environment and they are also very beneficial towards reducing indoor air pollution.  Many plants however are dangerous for birds and care must be taken to ensure that you only accentuate your home using plants that are deemed safe for pet birds.  


The following is a list of plants, flowers and trees reported to be bird safe: 

Abelia Danish Ivy Moses-in-the-cradle
African Daisy Date Mother Fern
African Violet Day Lilies Mother-in-law's tongue
American or European Beech Devil's Ivy Nasturtium
American Bittersweet Dill Natal plant
Aloe Dogwood Nerve plant
Aluminum Plant Donkey Tail Norfolk Pine
Arbutus Dracaena Oregano
Areca Palm Dragon Tree Pansies
Ash Easter Cactus Parlor Palm
Asparagus Fern Echeveria Parsley
Aspen Elderberry Passionflower
Aspidistra Elephant Foot Tree Peppermint
Australian Laurel Elk's Horn Pepperomia
Autumn Olive Elm Petunia
Baby's Breath Eucalyptus Pine (Ponderosa, Spruce, Virginia or White)
Baby's Tears Eugenia Pineapple
Bachelor Buttons European Fan Palm Pony Tail Palm
Bamboo Palm Fiddle Leaf Fig Poplar, White
Barberry Fig Plant Pothos
Begonias Fir (Balsam, Douglas, White) Prayer Plant
Bird's Nest Fern Flame Nettle Purple Passion
Bladdernut Garden Mum Purple Velvet
Blood Leaf Plant Gardenia Pyracantha
Blueberry Garlic Oregano
Borage Gladiolus Raphiolepsis
Boston Fern Gloxinia Raspberry
Bottle Brush Fern Gold Dust Dracaena Rose
Bougainvillea Grape Ivy Rosemary
Brake, Ribbon, Dish Grapevine Rubber Plant
Bromeliads Hawaiian Scheffler Rubber Tree
Calamint Hens and Chicks Russian Olive
Calendula Hibiscus Sage
California Holly Hollyhocks Scented Geranium
Camellia Honeysuckle Schefflera
Canary Island Palm Hoya Sensitive Plant
Carnation Huckleberry Spruce (Black, Norway, Red or White)
Chamomile Impatients Squirrel's Foot Fern
Chickweed Indian Hawthorne Star Jasmine
Chicory Indian Laurel String of Beads
Chives Jade PLant Swedish Ivy
Christmas Cactus Kalanchoe Sword Fern
Cissus (kangaroo Vines) Kangaroo Vine Thistle
Claw Cactus Lace Fern Ti Plant
Coffee Tree Lady Palm Tulip Thyme
Comfrey Larch Thyme
Coralberry Lavender Umbrella Tree
Corn Plant Lemon Balm Velvet Nettle
Cotoneaster Firethorn Lilac Viburnum
Cottonwood Lily Viola
Crabapple Maidenhair Fern Violet
Creeping Fig Magnolia Wandering Jew
Creeping Jeremy Manzanita Wax Plant
Croton (house variety) Marigold Willow
Dahlia Mayapple Yucca
Daisies Ming Fern Zebra Plant
Dandelion Monkey Plant Zinnia

Please note that any "safe plant" is rendered unsafe as soon as it has been exposed to pesticides.   It should also be noted that indoor fertilizers also present a health hazard to your bird if ingested.

If you have a question regarding the safety of a specific plant ask your veterinarian, local green house, or the Animal Poison Control Center (AAPCC). 

Click here for a list of Poisonous Plants


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