A Quick Foot Toy

Written by Kris Porter. Posted in Enrichment Tips by Kris Porter

African Grey with DIY Straw Foot ToyHere is a tip for a quick toy that your parrot may enjoy. Cut some plastic straws in half. Poke a hole in the center of each straw half. Take a short length of rope (I use hemp rope) about 8 inches long. Tie a loop at one end and double knot it so the straws don't slide off. Thread on several straw halves. Tie them tightly together with another double knot at the end and fan them out to make a multi-dimensional star shape. You can hand it to your parrot as a foot toy or you can incorporate the straw stars into other toys that you make. For smaller parrots you would want to use shorter straw pieces, perhaps cutting the straws into thirds which will make stars smaller in diameter.

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