Recycled Boxes

Written by Kris Porter. Posted in Enrichment Tips by Kris Porter

Recycled Boxes Parrot Foraging ToysI can't believe I haven't thought to make foraging toys from the Ziploc baggie boxes before. I had the box in my hand ready to throw it in the trash when I focused on the opening in the top of the box. The box for the quart size bags has a long oval opening on the top - perfect for foraging. I filled the box with foot toys, pieces of grass mats, left over toy parts, a plastic measuring spoon, a dried corn husk, a carrot, a walnut and other assorted items.
Another item I almost discarded was the empty cornstarch container. Argo brand cornstarch comes in a yellow plastic container with a bright blue lid. I was ready to toss the container when I realized if I cut a few holes in the sides and filled it with wooden blocks, beads, treats and other foot toys it might make a great toy. It was a big hit with Zorba. Now I'm tempted to empty the cornstarch out of the new container to make another one for him.

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