Logic Puzzle Solution: Show Biz Parrot Moms

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  • Judy's bird auditioned for "Casablanca" (1).
  • Mary's bird didn't try out for "Close Encounters of the Bird Kind" or "Beakzilla" (2), so Mary's bird auditioned for "One Flew Over the Cockatoo's Nest".
  • Sally's bird didn't try out for "Beakzilla (3) so Jean's bird did.
  • By elimination, Sally's bird landed the role in "Close Encounters" and is a Quaker (3).
  • Neither Judy nor Jean owns a Caique (4) so Mary does. Judy doesn't own a macaw, so she owns an African Grey.
  • By elimination Jean owns the Macaw who starred in "Beakzilla".
Mom Species Movie
Judy African Grey Casablanca
Sally Quaker Close Encounters of the Bird Kind
Jean Macaw Beakzilla
Mary Caique One Flew Over the Cockatoo's Nest




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